Food stability with added safety

Smoking is most likely one of our oldest methods to preserve food for consumption later on. Somehow this method was lost 50 – 100 years ago when we started using smoke only for taste and colour. This is the main reason we have all these preservatives inside our everyday food in order to protect ourselves against pathogens, to control the natural oxidation and to control yeast and moulds. Without preservatives we would not be protected against these foodborne illnesses.

We have a different approach in controlling these unwanted microorganisms. It’s a Clean-label solution where we use natural smoke in a liquid form in order to get the same benefits our Stone age-relatives had already discovered.

AEROSOL+ xs is a derivative from wood specially designed to pinpoint problem areas and to make food even safer for consumption. The antimicrobial benefits have been proven in certified laboratory tests.

Custom recipes for every client give an advantage against your competition in order to stay ahead.

The dosage is so low that it leaves no to little taste in the finished product. It can be added during formulation or applied later in your process on the surface area. It all depends how the product is made and what your product is. There are 5 main ways to distribute the liquid depending on your application. Please look at our equipment for better explanation or press here.

What does AEROSOL+ xs do? First it reduces the growth speed of spoilage bacteria, dramatically. It inhibits and even kills unwanted pathogens. Usually log2 on your plate count. Oxidation is controlled with the combination of controlling the growth of yeast and mold.  

Usually the client can discard the lactates in the recipe. AEROSOL+ xs is much more potent and will most likely double your shelf-life. Please contact us and see what we can do for each other.

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