We are a family business that joined forces about 10 years ago. Since we have long experience of both process technology, construction experience for equipment and the everyday contact with you, our clients. It made sense to found AEROSOL+ since a link was missing between traditional smoke, liquid smoke, how to use it and how to improve the technology. Nothing had happened for almost 35 years and the big companies was not interested in lowering the consumption of the liquid smoke. In these 10 years we have improved every aspect on how to use and maximize the control of the smoke cloud itself. We brought back the control of the process to you, since you should be able to use your equipment the way you want to. No client has the same process, so why should you not be able to adjust the smoke process? What we are most proud of is lowering the consumption with 25% in combination of shortening the process to half. Today you can smoke and cook a sausage in less than 20 minutes.    

Today we operate AEROSOL+ from Sweden and Poland. All constructions are made in Poland. This company have been around for over 30 years producing smoke-/cook house cabinets. Many of these original systems from 1992 are still operating in full service. Their experience is thermo processes, metal construction and process technology means Polish quality built to last. From a single smoke cart cabinet to large continues system for several tonnes per hour. They have a 150 people working force, so they know what they are doing.

BERKOS is the Swedish side of the company who owns the other half. We have great experience in the whole process as well as the commodities such as casings. This link gives the ultimate information exchange since we can truly be involved the whole process. From the actual live-stock to the finished package. We understand how to make a sausage. How the casings react inside your cabinet how to fine-tune your recipe for your cabinet. How often can you contact only one company that can help you with the whole finished product, not only one or two steps of the whole process? We can offer you help with the smoke house, the liquid smoke system, the liquid smoke itself, etc. etc. And as extra cream on top, you don’t have to buy our liquid smoke in combination with the equipment. You choose freely from who and where you will buy the liquid smoke. Our hopes are of course, that you feel we have what’s best for you and your product. Our equipment operates with all known-brands smoke houses/chambers and liquids.


Welcome to us, welcome to AEROSOL+.

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