Separate your product against the rest with some smoke.

We have numerous versions of smokesalt. Liquid smoke is solved onto spraydried dextrose to create the myriad of flavours. There is even have a smoked suger that is actually made from regular sugar that has been smoked traditionelly with wood. These products are finely granulated in order to be easy incorporated into your production.

Focus lays on 2 flavours, beechwood and hickory based on red oak. 

The beechwood is for the more European flavour style with sweet afternotes and subtle smoke at the end of your palete. Most of the times it merries directly into your recipe since it´s gentle in order not to overpower your original flavours. 

The Hickory on the other hand is bold and tough, almost like a smack in the face. BBQ should in our opinon be tasteful with savoury and deep smoky flavours. Whenever you do go for those flavours, can´t we agree that it should be American style?

Dosage is low since they are all very potent. Can be delivered as dry or as marined based on water or oil.

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