IFFA launch with new and patent pending technology.

Our new and unique particle generator recreates a naturelike smoke just like a traditionel cabinet. The only difference is that this smoke is purified from tar, sooth and other unwanted chemicals present in traditional smoke. We would even go as far and claim that this version is just a tiny bit better, since we can cut your smoke time in half. On some products and recipes there is actually no smoking time. Yes, you did read correctly - no smoke time at all!

AEROSOL+ EVO reanimates hot smoke from liquid smoke in a new way that has not been available until now. The liquid smoke transfers into it´s original and natural state. With our system you can now control the amount of colour, taste and/or flavour indepently from each other. This is a new feature we think will be loved by many industrial smokers. The old bitter tastes and yellowish end products is finally gone.

This new technology will penetrate deeper than anything else on the market with huge benefits in production capacity. A 5% difference will boost your production with the 5%. Large energy savings and huge time cuts can be achieved as processcycles can be optimized.

All in all the smoking step will be in minutes and seconds, not hours.

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