European liquid smoke for European flavours

So far, the tastes of liquid smoke have been dominated by bold, American flavours. Yes, it’s true most people enjoy a beautiful BBQ-flavour when we try to replicate it in our backyard, preparing the meal on the grill. It’s perfect for pulled pork and some other products.

But is it actually what we want when we produce our own sausages, hams and fish, etc. etc.? Most likely not.

Why settle for an American style on a Wiener sausage? You have put so much effort in nailing the flavours to be true and traditional, only to be spoiled with an ashy and sour taste. We searched for years and have finally come up with something so close to the traditional taste and flavours. We are so happy to bring you this unique product, giving the Europeans product their true original flavours back. No wonder the liquid smoke applications have been stalled by some companies for decades. That is until now.

This liquid smoke comes from 100% beech wood of European origin. It gives those sweet, subtle notes that boosts your spices, making it so delicate and smooth. When we smoke with wood chips, we tend to use beech, and other pleasant flavours. So, the conclusion was that it was better to use the exact same wood as our distant relatives used 10 000 years ago. Red oak doesn’t grow naturally in Europe so why use it for liquid smoke?

Give it a try and taste, feel and see the difference.

We offer a variety of custom blends to perfectly match your flavour profile.

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