Ultra-low filtrations system with 4 techniques.

Until now it has been difficult and very expensive to clean oil-mist, sooth and other unwanted environmental dangerous by-product from your exhaust. This system is small enough to be incorporated into your process directly after your process line or as a central system that will dramatically lower the pollution. Even odour can be controlled and completely eliminated. On top of that there is an automatic cleaning cycle as an option. More than 99% of the particles can be collected with this ESP + UV + O3. As another option there’s a active carbon-stage for special applications. Most likely this system is substantially cheaper than what you have come across with before. The running cost is electricity and labour cost of the occasional cleaning of the filter cassette.

The system works by charging all incoming particles with ions that then gets stuck inside the filter cassette were a magnetic field is generated. Oil or other substances gets collected and separated at the bottom. And the end of the day you simply clean it by rinsing it out. This is easiest done with the automatic cleaning cycle. Another nice feature is the ozone generated by the magnetic field and the UV-stage. This ozone is released inside your ventilation system on a continually basis. This helps with over-all cleaning and maintenance since it reacts with other substance for a short period of time. For a typical oil-fryer line a system is basically a pallet-sized system that also solves your fire-hazard problem.   

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