Advance liquid smoke atomizer made simple  

Our unique liquid smoke atomizer produces smoke particles in micrometre size. It’s exactly the same that happends when you create smoke in your smoke unit with traditional wood. The main difference is that our smoke is cleaned from tar, sooth and other unwanted impurities. This speeds up your smoking process in combination of penetrating deeper into your products. We call it “Dry Smoking” since you can’t feel the smoke onto your skin.

We believe this is one of the key features of reducing the process-time with up to 50% and ultimately lowering your cooking-loss dramatically. We’ve seen differences of more than 50% in some cases.

Another interesting fact is that this piece of equipment can reduce your overall consumption of liquid smoke with up to 25% with the same end-results.

This model has been head-to-head with many of the different makers of liquid atomizer well over 700 times and so far, it has beaten all of them in every test.

We only have 2 models. One that is mounted close to your smoke-/cook-chamber and via pipelines feed the nozzle(s). The second one is the virtually the same with the exception that it has got wheels since it’s too heavy to carry during trials….. When you buy a car, you want to try the same model you are interested in, right?

To use we made it simple and easy via HMI to see what is going on in your process. Everything can be controlled and adjusted from this touchscreen with a touch of your fingertips. Even the exhaust-fan needed to evacuate after smoking can be altered. Operators can now follow where they are in the process with a quick glimpse.

We only use standard and heavy-duty components in order to make it more affordable and durable.

Simple, yet sophisticated we would like to think.

What isn’t standard is the software being developed over the many years into what it is today. Once we make a change in the software you can update it free of charge. This is another of the key-features since with this you can change all the parameters needed to obtain that exact smoke- and taste profile for your specific product with the same results regardless of the operator.

The software comes in 8 different languages with new ones being added once entering that market.

So, there is no need to be afraid if your business is outside EU. We will translate it for you.

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